The Blue Company


The first is the recognized guardian of mechanical timepieces from the simplest to the most complicated.

It allows the heart of the movement of a timepiece to never stop beating thanks to a small precious cube of 10 cm x 10 cm and inhabited by technology at the forefront of innovation.

The second creates musical mechanical movements, which can be as complex as a high complication watch. They are nestled in precious cases as imaginative as classic to the taste of the collector.

What happens when the guardian of mechanical timepieces meets the creator of mechanical music boxes ?

When SwissKubiK meets Reuge, imagination follows the path of mechanics.

Together, they succeeded in combining their expertise to unveil a case, guardian of two mechanical watches and a musical mechanical movement.

On each side of the case, a watch winder powered by a motor stamped with SwissKubiK technology, which does not release any magnetic charge, is arranged ready to accommodate a mechanical watch.

In the centre of this case, we discover a fabulous mechanism that unveils a unique musical mechanical movement created by Reuge.



The first case is a reference to Swiss heritage values. Made entirely of leather, the case is stamped with Swiss emblems. When opening it, the Swiss national anthem is played.

The second case is trendier with a touch of sobriety. Dressed in titanium, when opened, the case plays modern music emblematic of our time.

By closing your eyes, you can imagine opening one of these cases and hearing the sound of mechanical watches accompanied by the sound of mechanical music.

Each edition is limited to only 50 pieces.



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