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Three colours make the hearts of automotive enthusiasts race as fast as their favourite cars:

the Italian rosso corsa, the legendary Silver Arrows and the racing green that can now be found in the new Teutonia Sport II,

a watch representing British sophistication at its finest.



The British Isles have a reputation for wet weather, and it is thanks to this frequent rainfall that their rolling hills are full of luscious green grass.

Given these damp conditions, it is surprising that alongside the Jaguar E-Type and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, puristic roadsters are also firm favourites among British car lovers.

These racing legends often only featured a rudimentary folding top with detachable side curtains,

which tended to dampen the mood of even the most seasoned drivers in the case of sudden showers.

In contrast, the wearers of the new Teutonia Sport II in British racing green have nothing to worry about on a rainy day.

This Mühle watch is not only inspired by the sporty design and traditional colours of the British roadsters but also goes one step further by combining these characteristics

with Mühle-Glashütte’s nautical values: precision, robustness and excellent readability.

The high-quality case of the Teutonia Sport II keeps the rain out with its design that is water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bars.

It also reliably protects both the precise engine of the automatic watch and its sophisticated instrument panel.

When viewing this dashboard through the double anti-glare sapphire crystal, wearers can immediately read the precise time and date.

The date display is presented in perfect harmony with the small second dial at nine o’clock and features an elongated semi-circular date window.

The current date is visible at a glance thanks to an arrow, the light-green shade of which can also be found on the second hand and in the delicate minute graduations on the flange.

This in turn surrounds a raised dark-green outer ring with applied hour indices.

For perfect readability on dark roads and in dreary weather, these indices and the hands of the watch have a luminous Super-LumiNova coating.

For precise time measurements both on and off the road, the watch boasts a reliable SW 290-1 Mühle version movement.

This is fitted with Mühle’s patented particularly shockproof woodpecker neck fine regulation, the matching balance cock and an efficient Mühle rotor.

What’s more, a complex procedure is used to regulate the movement in six positions.

This procedure is based on the German chronometer standard and the company’s promise to itself and its customers:

no wearer of a Mühle watch should ever be too late because of their time measuring instrument.

To ensure this, every movement is individually set in the company’s manufacturing workshop to ensure accuracy values of between 0 and a maximum of +8 seconds per day before it takes to the road.

Available from November at suggested retail price £2230.00

Ref M1-29-74-LB-B (brown vintage strap)

Ref M1-29-74-LB-S (black racing strap)