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Antimagnetic and water-resistant up to 30 bar. Goes with you through thick and thin.



This watch can endure rough treatment and never gives up.
The classic MeisterSinger N° 03 with an automatic movement now has a robust brother. The case of the Unomat bears a certain resemblance, but with a more striking design, which is clearly recognizable by the robust sides that protect the screw-down crown from knocks and shocks. The sturdy five-row anti-allergenic stainless steel link bracelet is integrated in the case. The extra-strong screwed steel back does the rest. Water-resistant up to 30 bar, the Unomat is a great companion when swimming, as in terms of both equipment and looks it resembles a robust scientific device for use in heavy weather, in the laboratory, or in the water.

Shows the time 24/7
The iconic characteristic of every MeisterSinger watch is the striking needle-shaped hand with its overhang. On the Unomat it is far broader than, for instance, on the N° 03 and is luminous enough to be readable in the twilight hours as well. Together with the single hand, the hour digit appliqués glow with intensity. With its far larger diameter, the new SW400-1 has sufficient space for a 30% larger date window that underlines its instrument-like character, particularly due to its redesigned line index structure and the perfectly proportioned double-digit numerals.

Protected from magnetic fields up to 24.000 A/m
The shielded movement of the Unomat doesn’t allow the magnetic radiation that increasingly surrounds us to affect its precision. The Swiss automatic movement is enclosed by layers of soft iron: A sleeve located in the case is supplemented by the soft iron dial, which is otherwise made of brass. This elaborate design makes the movement impervious to the ubiquitous radiation from cell phones, electrical appliances, magnetic fasteners, and laboratory equipment.

Remains unaffected
The protective layer contributes to the watch’s autonomy. In particular, the magnetization of the spiral spring can soon become a factor that considerably impacts the accuracy of the movement. The protective layer largely protects the movement from the negative effects of radiation, significantly improving the watch’s autonomy.


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