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With the Singularis, MeisterSinger presents the second generation of watches with its very own automatic caliber

The familiar made anew

The Singularis allows you to experience the familiar in a new, differentiated manner. The new case is based on the iconic case of the MeisterSinger classic N°03. The appeal of the Singularis’ dial lies in its minor details. As a first for MeisterSinger, it is fitted with a dial ring, giving the entire ensemble a certain depth and vibrancy. The elegant blue of the sunburst finish is repeated in the outer ring. The numerals from 01 to 12 are appliquéd one by one in white, as are the glossy silver hour markers. The glass exhibition back provides an outstanding view of the MeisterSinger movement with its unique bridge and perfectly balanced rotor.


A MeisterSinger in perfection

The dream of every watchmaker is to develop and build a movement from scratch. However, to produce a new caliber in series, a far greater effort is required. And that was exactly the task we at MeisterSinger set ourselves when we developed our hand-wound MSH01 and the automatic MSA01 caliber.


The automatic movement is fitted with twin mainspring barrels that power the mechanism with sufficient energy to enable an unusually large power reserve of up to 120 hours. Its in-series design ensures the simultaneous winding of the mainspring barrels and smooth power delivery to the movement, guaranteeing exceptional precision with the qualities of a chronometer.

The finely decorated rotor winds up the movement if the watch is worn on a daily basis. The maker’s meticulous attention to detail is also seen in the finishing of these movements. The elaborate circular graining, the beveled, highly polished chamfers, and the engraving with gold inlay make them a true pleasure to behold.


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