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Exquisitely elegant – exceptionally well-defined:

a colour-coded indicator discreetly reveals the remaining power reserve for the limited Meister Gangreserve Edition 160 models.


Display of the time on mechanical watches is provided by way of a technically intricate process: movement of the rotor or the winding crown applies tension to the mainspring, providing the energy required to allow the watch to function.

The stored energy is transferred from the spring to the fine wheel train, setting the precision-operated mechanism in motion. This will continue until tension in the spring has completely dissipated.


An index-style, colour-coded indicator on the dial is a particularly well-defined and smartly discreet representation of the amount of power still available to the movement on the Meister Gangreserve Edition 160 from Junghans.

This classic archetype, albeit with a new and subtle concept, is utilised in three of the Edition models, each limited to just 160 units in celebration of this anniversary year.

Mechanical watches with coloured segments in an opening on the dial at the 6 o’clock position, provided to indicate when winding was once again required, were unveiled by Junghans as far back as the 1950s.


Exquisitely elegant colouring


The Meister Gangreserve Edition 160 is available in three different design variants, each expressing the elegance of the watch series in its own individual fashion:

the charm of the stainless steel model is its fine silver-plated dial and metal bracelet conceived especially for the Meister line.

At the same time, both versions of leather strap are simply enchanting either as a combination of warm gold hue with light brown, or an appealing interaction of night blue and cognac.

Harmoniously blending with the overall appearance of the timepiece, the colouring of the power reserve complication is specially adapted for each of the three variants.

Discreetly integrated as an index-style aperture at six o’clock, it coordinates seamlessly with the dial arrangement typical of the Meister line, with accentuated main indices and pointed hands.

The model with stainless steel bracelet shows the power reserve in the universally recognised colours of a traffic light system – namely red, amber and green.

In both leather strap versions, the power reserve display and the dial are coloured identically when the watch is fully wound.

From all but completely indiscernible, the power reserve display then begins to glow ever brighter as the available power diminishes:

Up until the remaining power reserve is reduced to fifty percent, the aperture in the dial transitions through ever more intense shades of grey, before the red signal colour used in the original design becomes ever more apparent to indicate a pending, complete depletion of energy.

With the dial revealing the fascinating progression of time, a transparent panel on the back of the case grants a view of the embellished self-winding movement of the Meister power reserve.

In addition, the engraved limitation number serves as validation that every copy of this anniversary model is an exclusive collector’s item.


Inspired by tradition – with an entirely new interpretation: The limited Meister Gangreserve Edition 160 from Junghans exemplifies the precise functionality of intricate watch mechanics with the passage of time.


Suggested retail price from £1390 – £1490. Available from September


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