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The Bell Hora: A new variant featuring a “sonnerie au passage” that chimes on the hour.


MeisterSinger borrowed its name from Richard Wagner’s opera “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg”. In his opera, Wagner tells the story of a singing competition. The one who knew best how to strike a new note was chosen as the best singer or “Meistersinger.” With its unique single-hand watches, MeisterSinger has set a new tone in the world of watchmaking. The Bell Hora makes this tone audible with a resounding “sonnerie au passage” on the hour.


The initial ideas for our own chiming hour module go back to 2016 – as MeisterSinger began finalizing the first drawings for a completely different type of watch: The Salthora with its jumping hour feature. Manfred Brassler, founder and managing director explains: “At that time, our watch technician remarked: We could also make the watch chime rather than jump on the hour. We came back to this idea many years later …”


Today, the MS Bell automatic movement with the strike module developed by MeisterSinger ticks inside the Bell Hora. Over a 60-minute period, it gathers the energy it requires to produce a precise, well-dosed strike against the sound fork located behind the dial. The strike module can be decoupled via the pusher above the crown, causing the watch to remain silent.


With its unusual complication, the Bell Hora has attracted a great deal of attention. When it was launched in 2021, the watch won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its exceptional design. This year, MeisterSinger is expanding the successful model to include an elegant variant in medium blue; the numerals and the bell are highlighted in precious gold.

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