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Be it a casual boating jaunt or a sailing adventure out on the open waters, Mühle’s new Yacht-Timer BRONZE special-edition watch, which is limited to just 500 pieces, helps its wearers to successfully navigate their way through the waves of time.


With its blue face, blue textile strap and bronze case with a – you guessed it – blue bezel, the Yacht-Timer BRONZE is a prime example of how colour can reveal the true character of a watch.  This model is not only the perfect companion for a casual boating jaunt but also an outstanding shipmate for more challenging adventures at sea.

The Yacht-Timer BRONZE is more than just a pretty face, with its division typical of nautical timepieces clearly indicating the quality of both its impressive functions and robust technology. The 44-millimetre-large case of the special-edition watch, which is limited to 500 pieces, is seaworthy with a capital S thanks to a core made of aluminium bronze, a freshwater and saltwater-resistant alloy that is the material of choice for propellers in the world of shipbuilding. Another feature of this bronze material is the fact that it forms a characteristic patina over time, which in turn protects it against environmental influences. What’s more, the final appearance of this typical patina very much depends on how the watch is worn by its owner, thus making every Yacht-Timer BRONZE a truly unique time measuring instrument.

When it comes to setting out on the water, this model is ready and waiting to go thanks to its water tightness of 30 bars and its solid screw-in crown with extra side protection. The watch’s 2.5-millimetre-thick anti-glare sapphire crystal additionally adds to its seaworthiness by providing its face with a scratch-resistant, shatterproof and low-glare cover that plays a key role in ensuring that the Yacht-Timer BRONZE is easy to read at all times.

The Yacht-Timer BRONZE is therefore perfectly equipped to take to the seas as the latest flagship for the nautical virtues of Mühle-Glashütte: precision, robustness and excellent readability.

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