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Strikingly beautiful – The Meister models by Junghans

 A dandy’s appearance is the mark of the man.

He presents himself with simple, yet impeccable elegance. As an individualist, he strives to create his own uniqueness rather than fall victim to fashionable trends.

Subtle details take precedence over flamboyant colors in the make-up of his overall style.

Live your own style – A theme which is also adopted for the Meister models by Junghans.

This is likewise reflected in the mesmerizing design of the timepieces.

Premium quality materials and diverse color combinations captivate the observer and exude a statement of exceptional   style.


Timepieces in the Meister range are delightfully harmonious and striking at the same time – the perfect accoutrement for wearers exploring their own unique style.

The night blue dial is adorned with either warm golden hues or cool stainless steel. Soft, comfortable leather in elegant cognac or a deep shade of blue is a pleasant fit around the wrist.

In homage to the Meister models of the 1950s, clearly defined contours are symbolic of the classic elegance with which the dandy presents himself.

Whether you prefer exquisite mechanical watchmaking or maximum precision radio control technology, the internal workings guarantee meticulous display of the time.

As three-hand watch, calendar, small second or chronograph: the Meister models embody a rich diversity of features and fastidious attention to detail.

Ultimately, your final decision will always serve to inspire stylistic confidence.

The Junghans Meister models are striking – strikingly beautiful.

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