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The max bill Automatic Bauhaus is a celebration of the school of thought and it’s accomplishments – in the years up to their centenary and beyond.


Bauhaus has been viewed as the shining light of modern age architecture and design since its foundationin1919.


With minimalist architecture and bold lines, the Bauhaus building in Dessau is as much an icon for the school of thought as it is a place of work.


The Bauhaus celebrated its 100th anniversary last year – an occasion which was celebrated by numerouswatchmanufacturerswiththereleaseofspeciallimitededitionpieces.

Needless to say, this included Uhrenfabrik Junghans, who enjoy a particular connectivity with the school thanks to Max Bill.

Bauhaus artist Max Bill was designing watches for Junghans as far back as 1961.

The result of this long-term collaboration is a collection of timepieces which are still regarded as design icons to this very day.



In commemoration of the anniversary and beyond, Junghans now introduce the max bill Automatic Bauhaus to mark this unique relationship.

The design of this new edition also touches upon the original concepts of the artist.

Convex sapphire crystal guarantees optimum protection for the unique and clearly arranged dial with its fine hands.


At the same time, the puristic three-handed watch evokes the fascinating architecture of the Bauhaus building.

A combination of white dial and black leather strap is reminiscent of the stark contrast between the bright walls and the dark glass façade.

Red highlights of the hands and the date wheel represent the colours of the famous entrance door.


Intricate workmanship on the case back grants an impression which will last far beyond the anniversary year:

A miniature image depicts the academy with the world-famous Bauhaus logo, the red entrance door and the monumental windowed façade.

The glass back provides an insight into the self-winding movement of the watch.

The max bill Automatic Bauhaus – no less fascinating than the Bauhaus itself. Today as ever.


Available from May 2020 at £1080.


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