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The Teutonia is one of the most prominent wristwatches created by Mühle-Glashütte. The successful family of watches was first introduced in 2002 and is now welcoming a brand-new addition: the Teutonia II GMT. This watch impresses wearers with its stylish green design and displays the precise time in both their location and a second time zone.

2024 is a year of celebration for Mühle-Glashütte. After all, this year, the independent family company is not only celebrating 30 years of business under the name Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte but also 155 years of long-standing tradition in the German town of Glashütte. The new Teutonia II GMT perfectly complements this impressive history. It is the latest addition to a family of watches that has successfully established itself in the Mühle-Glashütte collection since its launch in 2002.

Twenty-two years ago, the world of sophisticated timepieces welcomed the first Teutonia, which featured its now characteristic silver-coloured face with a guilloche finish. Three years later, models from the second generation of the classic, elegant business watch were added to the range: the Teutonia II Chronograph, Chronometer and Lady. These were joined

by a new design in midnight blue in 2015. The new Teutonia II GMT continues to embrace new colour options with its dark green face, which also highlights its connection with the Teutonia Sport II and its light green accents.

Anyone looking for a stylish yet useful companion for their work trip or holiday can find their perfect match in the new Teutonia II GMT, and when it comes to the aesthetics, the fine sunray finish in the middle of the face is the icing on the cake. As the light falls on the watch, this attractive surface reflects it in different directions, thus giving the face a unique dynamic appearance. The sunray finish is stylishly interrupted by a stripe across the middle, a common feature in the Teutonia watch family. A slightly lower ring on the edge of the face contains the minute scale and its hand-applied roof-shaped indices. With these design features, Mühle- Glashütte has achieved a clear face layout that both underlines and fulfils the main purpose of the watch: providing excellent readability of all time details.

In the case of the Teutonia II GMT, this not only concerns the local time but also the time in a second time zone, as can be expected of a trustworthy travel companion. The 24-hour scale for the zone time is surrounded by the lower ring showing the local time and has been given a matte finish to clearly differentiate the two times displayed. For further clarity, the number 24 on the GMT scale is highlighted by its light green colour, just like the GMT hand. This hand makes its way around the GMT scale over a period of 24 hours and therefore also tells wearers whether it is day or night in their chosen time zone.

The clear yet elegant face is mounted in a high-quality stainless steel case measuring 41 millimetres in diameter. The middle of the case not only features the Teutonia’s characteristic vertical finish carefully applied by hand but also volute-shaped lugs, the top surface of which is finely polished, just like the bezel. In this carefully considered design, the varied surface finishes of the watch face continue into the case, resulting in an impressive overall appearance that shows just how much love, care and attention to detail went into Mühle-Glashütte’s Teutonia II GMT, from the development phase right through to the final production.

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