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Known for many years for its watch winders with Swiss made technology and its sense of innovation, SwissKubiK has created, for this spring 2019, a unique object for lovers of automatic watches and travel enthusiasts.


The SwissKubiK brand has been working for more than two years with its research and development department to develop the first rotating travel case for all these mechanical timepieces, whose heart must beat continuously. The SwissKubiK Travelbox was born.

With its innovative, refined and, surprisingly for SwissKubiK, rounded design, the Travelbox will fit easily into your luggage. Its optimized dimensions and weight will make it a discreet travel companion. Made of leather or recycled marine polymer, the Travelbox offers a wide choice of colors and even plays the personalization card. Initials, message, thought can be engraved according to your wishes on this case.

When closed, it will perfectly protect your timepiece in a static space specially designed for this purpose. Open, the Travelbox takes all its letters of nobility. Simply move the watch, still positioned on its cushion, into the rotating part of the case to see your watch move. The rotation cycle is simply started by rotating the two blocks thanks to a new and hidden system.


Discreet on the outside, the Travelbox is discovered on the inside with a small programmable motor, ultra quiet and not very greedy. It has a one-year autonomy thanks to its rechargeable battery while being able to operate on mains power as well. Fully programmable thanks to a dedicated Bluetooth application or a USB socket, the Travelbox combines the best of SwissKubiK technology, 100% Swiss made.

Every detail has been designed to make this object unique and allow you to travel with your precious timepieces all year round. Last but not least, the Travelbox has been designed to fit into all safes, providing additional security for your timepiece.

Technical description

  • Innovative design
  • Materials: leather, recycled marine polymer
  • Colours: wide range of colours
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7 x 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Ultra-quiet motor without magnetism
  • Fully programmable via a dedicated Bluetooth application or USB port
  • Lap Counting
  • Automatic positioning at 12 o’clock when stopped
  • Power supply by rechargeable batteries and/or mains supply
  • 1 year of autonomy (rechargeable battery)
  • Swiss technology, 100% Swiss made
  • 3 years international warranty
  • Suggested Retail: from £875


If you wish to see how the Trevelbox works:

SwissKubiK, the reference for watch winders

 Founded in 2007 by a watch designer, SwissKubiK has been offering 100% Swiss made watch winders to all lovers of automatic watches for more than 10 years now. The Swiss technology of SwissKubiK watch winder is the result of continuous investments in research and development. The latest generation consists of electronic circuits and ultra-quiet and non-magnetic motors, programmable, which offer an exceptional autonomy of 3 years thanks to extremely high power consumption. Synonymous with excellence and precision, Swiss KubiK is THE brand that has been acclaimed by the world’s leading watchmaking companies. Distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide through a network of more than 450 retailers, SwissKubiK manufactures approximately 15,000 cases each year.

The company was bought in February 2017 by Xavier Castelli a few months before another legend of the watch winder was bought: Scatola del Tempo


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