The Blue Company


For the UK market, DOXA Watches Ltd teams up

with THE BLUE COMPANY (LONDON) LTD who will be importing the full range of DOXA Watches Ltd from Switzerland for sale in the UK

through selected retailers.


Building on an exceptional heritage, DOXA Watches Ltd – founded 130 years ago in Switzerland – is in particular associated with the first truly purpose-designed

diver’s watch for the general public launched in 1967, the legendary SUB 300.

Developed in close collaboration with the famous sports diving organization “US Divers”,

the SUB soon became the reference for military and professional divers, too.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Friday 30th August 2019:

DOXA Watches Ltd and The Blue Company (London) Ltd are proud to announce their partnership for the distribution of DOXA Watches Ltd in the UK starting September 1st, 2019.


As exclusive UK distributor of the legendary DOXA SUB, The Blue Company (London) Ltd will, thanks to their deep knowledge of their market,

ensure a consistent and cohesive brand image throughout a rapid implementation process and build the right distribution network for the brand.



Jan Edöcs, Board Member of the Walca Group and CEO of DOXA Watches, said:

DOXA Watches Ltd can be assured that the legacy of our watches is in the best of hands in UK. Thanks to their great experience of the UK market, we are confident that The Blue Company is the best partner for realizing our brand’s long-term vision in the UK”.


Monica Porracin, Managing Director of The blue Company (London) ltd, said:

“After more than a decade distributing watches in the UK, we have recognised the demand for the legendary diving watch from this long-established manufacturer.

To our great delight, this coincided with DOXA’s desire to return to the UK market. We are honoured that DOXA has chosen The Blue Company to be part of their new adventure”.




The success of the new DOXA products launched at Baselworld 2019 has accelerated a major overhaul in recent months.

The DOXA Watches Ltd development team main thrusts: streamlining the collections, reducing the number of references, delving deeper into the brand’s DNA, and focusing on the legendary SUB concept.


The brand is also announcing a new evolution of the DOXA SUB concept: From now on, all the iconic SUB models (42mm and 45mm as well as the SUB 200) will systematically be available as non-limited series in all 6 historical dial colours – orange of course, but also yellow, navy blue, turquoise, silver and black. With regard to limited editions, DOXA Watches Ltd will continue to introduce special models such as the famous SUB 200 T.GRAPH, though in a more exclusive context and in smaller production runs than in the past.


Finally, to address the changes made on the marketing front, DOXA Watches Ltd will also implement its new international identity in the UK market, ensuring a clear, crisp and consistent brand image.

True to the brand’s DNA: a new logo to express the DOXA spirit; a new communication campaign with a new claim – #YourCalltoAdventure – to capture the imagination; a new website for better, easier and more rewarding brand access; and new social networks, now active under the DoxaWatchesOfficial identity, to engage and exchange among fans.








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