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Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss luxury watch brand, famous for their Masterpiece range which features in-house manufactured movements with a variety of impressive complications.

Today, the AIKON range sits at the heart of the collection, based on the bestselling Calypso model from the 1990s, the AIKON is an impressively designed and instantly recognisable watch. The AIKON has something to offer everyone, from Quartz models to Automatic, Gents models to Ladies, Chronographs to Dive watches, the AIKON has it all.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Watch


Mühle Glashutte combine the resilience of German engineering, with traditional watchmaking, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

Well known around the world for their watches created for the German SAR Team, you can rest assured that a Mühle Glashutte watch, is designed to withstand the toughest conditions whilst still looking the part.

From the Terrasport to the Teutonia, the versatility and skill of Mühle Glashutte is clear to see in the quality of their watches.


Arguably the finest Watch Winders in the world. SwissKubiK produce 100% Swiss Made Watch Winders with a virtually silent mechanism, a fully customisable winding program and no magnetism.

This allows SwissKubiK the be the perfect environment for storing any automatic luxury watch ensuring optimum performance from your timepiece.

The Blue Company also offers a bespoke design service for SwissKubiK Watch Winders allowing you to create your own unique Winder!


SwissKubiK Watch Winder