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Sportivo is the name of Mühle-Glashütte’s brand-new range of sports watches. The Compass Date, Travel GMT and Active Chronograph models are all designed to act as ideal everyday companions – be it in the office, after working hours, at business meetings, when training or out and about on city and outdoor adventures. With their excellent functionality and sophisticated sporty style, the Sportivo watches are the ultimate players for every team.

Sporty or businesslike? When it comes to choosing a watch for the day, this question is often the first to come to mind. Anyone with an active, sporty lifestyle now have the ideal solution – all they need to do is put on the new sports watch from Mühle-Glashütte. Sportivo brings together the best of both worlds, combining its excellent functionality with its unique sophisticated sporty style. With these impressive attributes and more, it looks set to become a true classic.

Sportivo: the name of the new sports watch from the German watch manufacturer says it all. Though elite in terms of quality, the Active Chronograph, Travel GMT and Compass Date models in the Sportivo team are not reserved for extreme athletes. Instead, they support their wearers in mastering everyday sporting disciplines, from weekend trekking tours to marathon meetings with the management team. And what better way to sum this up than with the fitting name “Sportivo”, inspired by the Italian word for “sporty”? With their dynamic, streamlined design, these new watches are the epitome of sporting style and perfectly reflect the established Mühle virtues of good readability, high robustness and precision.

The Sportivo Compass Date

Designed with exciting adventures in mind, the Sportivo Compass Date is the ultimate companion for the outdoors. Mühle’s new sports watch is an absolute must-have for long trekking tours thanks to its bidirectional compass bezel. With this handy function, it can be used as a compass to find the right direction – and an empty phone battery is no longer a sign of doom for hikers.

For perfect orientation, wearers simply need to hold the Sportivo Compass Date horizontally and point its hour hand at the sun. The hour hand and 12 o’clock marking then form an angle, and the central line of this angle points to the south. By synchronising the south “S” marking on the compass bezel with the halfway point of the angle between the hour hand and the 12 o’clock marking, wearers of this intelligent watch model can identify all directions on the bezel at a glance.

For a clear view of the face for all directions and at all times, the watch has a high-quality stainless steel case with 2.2-millimetre-thick double anti-glare sapphire crystal and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel inlay. When it comes to the strap, active watch enthusiasts can choose between a colour-coordinated leather/rubber strap or a three-link stainless steel strap, which features Mühle’s new folding clasp with integrated length adjustment. As can be expected, this outdoor watch is fully equipped to cope with the elements, not least thanks to its 42.5 mm case diameter, screw-in crown with side protection and high watertightness of up to 30 bars. Whatever the weather, the inner movement and dial therefore remain safe and sound.

The sporty style of the watch is complemented by its dial, which boasts a colour-gradient design from blue to dark blue and a three-dimensional surface texture, above which the striking dauphine hands move at a perfect pace. With their generous coating of luminous material, the hands of the Sportivo team up with high-contrast indices and hour numerals coated in plenty of Super LumiNova to ensure top-quality readability, even when night draws in.

The Sportivo Travel GMT is the long-distance superstar in the new Sportivo team of watches, and also the perfect everyday companion for anyone who wants to keep track of the time back home while exploring destinations further afield. The second time zone is marked by a subtle arrow hand, which points to a raised ring with a 24-hour scale.

This adds an additional level to the black dial of the watch and creates effects of light and shade. To highlight these effects while still keeping the dial clear and wearer-friendly despite its additional GMT scale, Mühle-Glashütte has refrained from adding extra texture to the Sportivo Travel GMT.

Instead, contrasting elements in light blue stand out against the smooth black background, namely the indices on the black ceramic bezel, the central second hand and the ring with the minute graduation on the outer edge of the face. For added definition, the minute graduation is marked by small notches. In a nod to the timepiece’s true calling as a travel companion, one of these notches leads the way with its triangular shape at the 12 o’clock position, forming a perfect black arrow with the line dividing the 12 o’clock index.

This sophisticated detail is a prime example of just how much love and attention to detail has gone into the distinctive dial designs of this new family of watches. The modified hour hand of the watch also ends with an arrow, the characteristic shape that can be found, more or less prominently, throughout the dial. With such impressive finishing touches, the Sportivo Travel GMT is just like the trip of a lifetime, offering new and exciting highlights at every glance.

The Sportivo Active Chronograph

In the new team of watches, the Sportivo Active Chronograph is the champion when it comes to achieving top performance in terms of both sporting style and technical tactics. A press of the finely polished button at the 2 o’clock position is the start signal that activates the chronograph function, allowing time measurements of up to 30 minutes. The sports watch is therefore the ideal companion for intensive interval workouts or one-kilometre training runs for the popular Hyrox fitness competition format.

With the Sportivo Active Chronograph, stop times and above all the current time are extremely precise thanks to Mühle’s reliable MU 9419 chronograph movement. This impressive piece of equipment contains the company’s particularly shockproof woodpecker neck regulation and is meticulously regulated in six different positions and set to ensure accuracy values of between 0 and a maximum of +8 seconds per day. What’s more, the movement is fitted

with Mühle’s own three-quarter plate together with a Glashütte click, a removable escape wheel bridge and the efficient Mühle rotor. The components of the Mühle movement are finished with the finest Glashütte grainings and polishings and can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal panel in the case.

The face of the Sportivo Active Chronograph also reflects its status as a watch worthy of champions: Like its teammate, the Sportivo Compass Date, it has a blue dial with a three-dimensional surface texture and striking dauphine hands. It is sure to impress with its blue ceramic bezel, providing variety and an eye-catching background for the white and blue scale similar to that of the Sportivo Travel GMT.

The Sportivo Active Chronograph further emphasises its sporty look with its orange second hand and colour- coordinated orange ring containing the minute graduation. These vibrant highlights form a fascinating contrast with the totalisers for the small second and the 30-minute counter, which add a business touch with their elegant guilloche finish. Like the other players in this new team of sports watches, the Sportivo Active Chronograph is a perfect example of sporty business sophistication, combining lifestyle-oriented design with functional Glashütte-based watchmaking tactics to create an everyday teammate with a winning game plan.

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