As the inventor of the Watch Winder, Scatola del Tempo have always created the finest accessories for your luxury timepiece and the current collection is no exception.

From the Rotor One collection of single watch winders with interchangeable sports bezels, to the larger Rotore 9 which houses nine winding units, with each unit being individually programmable via Bluetooth. Fine Italian craftsmanship meets the precision of Swiss engineering with Scatola del Tempo.


The Pochette is the ultimate, lightweight travel case for your watches. It holds four timepieces with a separator between each to keep them safe.

Crafted from luxurious Italian leather and available in a range of traditional, yet contemporary colours, the Pochette has been, and remains a must have for watch enthusiasts who are also regular travellers. 

100% Made in Italy.

Scatola del Tempo Valigetta Chestnut


The Valigetta family are larger suitcases built to house more watches than your standard case. Larger and sturdier than your standard travel case, this is a standalone piece of luggage that feels and looks the part.

Whether you’d prefer yours as a briefcase (with a handle) or a carry case, in a range of stylish colours and all 100% leather and made in Italy.

The only way to safely transport your luxury watches without compromising on style and quality.


Scatola del Tempo can produce bespoke safes and furniture to perfectly match your watch and jewellery requirements.

Whether it’s a large number of storage compartments, a large number of watch winders, or the focus is on security, Scatola del Tempo can provide the highest quality product to suit your needs.  Each winder has it’s own customisable rotation program to suit each watch, this can be programmed via Bluetooth on the Scatola del Tempo App or via USB.

Available in a range of interior and exterior finishes and security options.

Please click the link below to contact our team to find out more about commissioning your own custom watch and jewellery safe.