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More and more love. This is the promise behind the Anniversary MORE collection from the fine jewellery brand, Recarlo. To keep its pledge, the Valenza-based company has widened the range, adding new jewels with all the unique features that set the collection apart: open eternity rings with an unmistakable style, designed to be mixed and matched together. What the new rings bring is a touch of romance, a trait that has made the brand iconic and instantly recognisable: the heart-cut diamonds which are now part of the ANNIVERSARY MORE collection.


Recarlo will be launching five new rings, three in white gold and two in yellow gold. All rings are distinctive, with their simple lines and regular rhythms, and can also be matched with the brand’s exquisite solitaires or worn on different fingers for a breathtaking effect. With their graduated design, Recarlos heart-cut diamonds embellish the rings, turning them into dream pieces of jewellery.


The Anniversary More collection offers various style options: 21 eternity rings, each representing the desire to multiply the promise of love made to ourselves or the person by our side; a commitment worth repeating again and again, just as the name of this stunning collection suggests.


Their incredible versatility helps create unexpected combinations and plays with other accessories, forging dazzling games of light between the hands and taking the collection’s powers of seduction to even greater heights.

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