The Masterbox by SwissKubiK is a Swiss Made and designed Watch Winder for automatic (self-winding) watches. With a luxurious, matt aluminium finish which gives the watch winder a feel of real quality. The Masterbox from SwissKubiK has modern, contemporary and exclusive design that would suit any home or office.  The flagship watch winder from SwissKubiK,  the Masterbox also offers connectivity via Bluetooth or USB so you can set your rotations per day to make it the ideal home, tailored just for your timepiece.


Product Description

The Masterbox by SwissKubiK is a Swiss Made and designed Watch Winder for automatic (self-winding) watches, the flagship watch winder of the SwissKubiK collection. Finished in coloured matt aluminium that pairs perfectly with brushed and polished stainless steel watches, the Masterbox is the watch winder for your luxury watch, with no exceptions. Swiss made and designed in a simple, modern yet functional style in vibrant and exciting colours.

You can connect to the Masterbox via USB and/or Bluetooth connection which offers a customization of the program, you can turn the winder on and off through your smartphone and set up how many rotations per day is best for your timepiece.

Operated by 2 standard “C-type” alkaline batteries with a 3 year battery life in steady use. Unlike the Startbox, the Masterbox can also be run directly from mains power. This item comes with a 3 year international guarantee.

All SwissKubiK watch winders will stop their rotation in a vertical position. This means your watch will be correctly displayed when the winder is in between rotations. Unlike many other watch winders, the motor is almost silent with an imperceptible noise, meaning you can leave them on and not be disturbed by a loud motor.

Dimensions / Measurements :
10 × 10× 10 cm

The Masterbox is available in a variety of different materials and colours, including aluminium, leather, carbon fibre and wood. If you have seen an option that you like and can’t see it on our website, please get it touch.

The Blue Company (London) can also offer personalised and bespoke watch winders with no minimum order quantity. Whether it’s your initials, a special date, a meaningful sentence or phrase or an image, we can do it. Please get in touch for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver


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