A complication to make things simple: the power reserve indicator

The brand-new Primatic boasts the perfect balance typical of MeisterSinger. The large needle hand with an overhang shows the time as usual on the fine 5-minute scale. A smaller version of this hand is assigned to the fascinating little scale of the power reserve display. Like a vehicle fuel gauge, it shows how full the “tank” is at any time. When the hand reaches the left side of the scale, it’s time to give the movement a little helping hand by turning the crown back and forth. But this isn’t necessary when the watch is worn every day. As you can always see that the watch is working diligently, you can relax and let go.

Familiar and new at once

MeisterSinger connoisseurs will find both familiar and new dial colors – versions with the ivory color typical of MeisterSinger – and a black dial as a counterpart. Both watches feature cognac-colored accents on the dial which are taken up in the stitching of the straps, creating a harmonious overall look. The straps are made from vegan leather, which cannot be distinguished from animal leather in terms of quality and appearance. Completely different but no less impressive is the effect of the versions with medium blue sun-brushed and petrol green finish in combination with a striking vintage leather strap.

The Primatic also features an outer dial ring. It lends the face depth and a particularly elegant character. With its 41.5 mm case, a new feature for MeisterSinger, the Primatic makes a powerful impression, but still fits on any wrist.


The driving force

Like most MeisterSinger watches, the Swiss movement can be seen performing its high-precision work through the glass exhibition back. It ensures that the arm movements of the wearer alone cause the rotor to wind the spring automatically in small steps by means of gear wheel transmission. In this way the Primatic’s SW270 can build up power reserves of up to 38 hours completely unnoticed.

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