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A time measuring instrument with many different qualities: the Panova Grau captivates both watch connoisseurs and mechanics novices with its fascinating contrasts.

This timepiece combines serious grey and creative orange and blends traditional mechanicswithlifestyledesignforaperfect,andluxurious,watch-lifebalance.

These exciting contrasts give the Panova Grau its special appeal and provide the new Mühle watch with its own unique appearance and multifaceted character.

One of the watch’s most attractive features is its metallic grey face, the fine circular graining of which plays with the light and shadows to produce a stunning array of shades of grey.

Despite its luxurious beauty, the Panova Grau is more than just a pretty face. It boasts excellent functionality thanks to its extremely clear scale and large hour indices with domed luminous dots,

which work in perfect harmony with its luminous hands to always provide excellent readability, even in the darkest of rooms.

The face of the Panova Grau underlines its main priority: reliably displaying the time.

The watch perfectly masters the task of showing hours, minutes and seconds and is dedicated to this main function without any distractions.

It is therefore ideal for anyone new to Mühle-Glashütte and an interesting introduction to the world of watch mechanics.

Its intricately finished mechanism, in comparison, is sure to impress seasoned watch aficionados.

The field-tested SW200-1 Mühle version movement features the company’s own impressive rotor and patented particularly shockproof woodpecker neck regulation.

After the careful finishing and assembly of its components, the automatic movement is tested in six different positions and regulated to achieve accuracy values between 0 and a maximum of +8 seconds per day.

This precision target forms the heart of Mühle’s own regulation standards, which comply with the German chronometer standard and ensure that the watch never runs slow.

After all, Mühle-Glashütte’s ultimate priority is making sure that its watches never make their wearers too late.

The watch’s valuable movement is protected by a high-quality case that is water-resistant up to 10 bars and fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

As is typical of the Panova family, the case of the Panova Grau has a closed stainless steel back.

The Panova therefore keeps its inner values more hidden from view than its other Mühle counterparts, which is rather fitting given the meaning behind its name:

a combination of “panorama” representing far-sightedness and perspective and “via” standing for its wearer’s journey through life.

As a result, even wearers with a passion for mechanics can focus their eyes elsewhere and enjoy the important things in life with a reliable time measuring companion at their side.

Available from April, Suggested Retail Price £990.00


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