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When sport represents fun with a capital F, the Sea-Timer BlackMotion is totally in its element

This robust sports watch is the ideal companion for anyone who loves to be outdoors and is always on the move


Its black stainless steel case reveals at a glance that the Sea-Timer BlackMotion is the ideal companion for all sports adventures.

The high-quality case not only features a 2.5-millimetre-thick double anti-glare sapphire crystal but also boasts a solid screw-in crown with extra side protection.

These highlights are joined by an elaborate TiC coating, which transforms the watch from a sophisticated timepiece into a cool-looking companion for your wrist.

A process known as PVD (physical vapour deposition) is used to coat the case of the watch in multiple layers of titanium carbide (TiC).

This multi-layer technique provides multiple benefits, namely a surface as black as night, extremely resistant layer thicknesses and increased hardness of the stainless steel case.

The case not only looks the part but also boasts a pressure resistance of up to 30 bars and is complemented by an equally dark textile strap.

The jet-black strap is made of water-resistant fibres and is also wearer-friendly on the inside thanks to a layer of comfortable and non-irritable rubber.

As a watch dedicated to sport, the length of the Sea-Timer BlackMotion can be flexibly adjusted using its robust pin buckle, meaning that it can even be worn over a wetsuit on a cold day on the coast.

This combination of casual style and top functionality is additionally reflected in the face and hands.

The outer area of the face, which is home to the watch’s fine minute graduation and high-contrast white hour indices, features a matt black design as an ideal solution for excellent readability.

This is joined by blackened nickel-plated hands, which stand out perfectly as they complete their 24-hour circuit training.

The fact that the darker steel surfaces of the hands are coated in bright white luminescent material makes them shine out so that wearers can even read the time at a fleeting glance.

Of course, if the time is easy to read, it also always needs to be accurate and in the case of the Sea-Timer BlackMotion, this is guaranteed by a reliable SW 200-1 Mühle version movement.

This impressive piece of equipment contains the company’s patented particularly shockproof woodpecker neck regulation and is meticulously regulated in six different positions and set to ensure accuracy values of between 0 and a maximum of +8 seconds per day.

And there’s more: The movement of the Sea-Timer BlackMotion is also fitted with the efficient Mühle anniversary rotor, which transforms each and every movement into valuable winding power.

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