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The NEO from MeisterSinger is disarmingly beautiful



A design of classic modernism
With a case design typical for the 50s, the NEO takes us back to a time when the world still seemed to be a good place. Letters and invoices were still written by hand, telephones were attached to a cord either at home or in a phone booth. The quartz movement had not yet been discovered – and the Internet? Forget it! With the NEO we have recreated the beautiful and the good for the benefit of our modern era and equipped it with state-of-the-art watchmaking technology.
Clarity and balance
The two-piece case design allowed us to make the edge of the case incredibly narrow, making the NEO look as if it were nothing but a dial. Just like it used to be when this type of watch was popular.
Although the term “Bauhaus” is overused, it actually describes the NEO model series rather well. Its key features are clarity, balance, and a coherent design. But here comes the crucial factor: The NEO has a completely unmistakable dial.

Excitement right up to the edge

Another feature prevalent in the 1950s was the color progression from light in the center to black at the edge of the dial. The technique, which is known as degradé (french) or gradient (english), looks captivatingly beautiful with its strong, radiant, raspberry-colored sunburst finish.

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