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Muhle Glashutte 29er Watch


Muhle Glashutte started out as a company specialising in nautical instruments, mainly Marine Chronometers and ship’s clocks. Therefore, many watches made by Muhle Glashutte have (or are inspired by) a nautical origin.

The 29er watches take their name from a small sailing dinghy, used by young sailors to compete in the championships of the German Sailing Association.


Muhle Glashutte watches are best known for their nautical virtues: high precision and reliability as well as legibility. They are watches built for adventures out on the ocean.

The S.A.R. models, in particular, prove this every day. Since Feburary 2002, these have been the watches of choice for the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association. Hence the name, S.A.R Rescue Timer.


The Panova range from Muhle Glashutte takes things right back to basics.

A simple and clean sunburst dial with sporty coloured accents, a high quality automatic movement and a range of versatile and cool straps to complement the watch.

Offering exceptional value, the Panova can be the perfect addition to a collection, or the perfect watch to start a collection.



The ProMare collection from Muhle Glashutte is the perfect watch for the sea, the name itself is Latin for “For the Sea”.

However, it’s much more than that! The ProMare is made for the outdoors, a resilient watch with 300M water resistance and a sapphire crystal. Built to withstand whatever challenges life may throw at it.

With models for both ladies and men, anyone can take their timepiece to the next level with the ProMare range.


The Terrasport range shifts Muhle Glashutte’s focus from the sea to the sky.

The range, designed entirely for aviation, requires the highest level of precision, reliability and readability. The range features models with GMT and Chronograph complications as well as offering a variation of dial colours and straps.


Muhle Glashutte offer functional luxury with the Teutonia range, beautifully polished cases, well decorated movements and intricate dials.

The sporty, yet elegant business watch is the timeless classic of the Muhle collection. Offering a range of watches, including a Worldtimer, a Moonphase, a Chronograph and many more. This is the watch you want to wear next time you put your suit on.