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Robust, comfortable, and indispensable – MeisterSinger’s Metris

The single hand watch like your favorite pair of jeans is now available as a Black Line model




A year ago, MeisterSinger gave four of its classic watches a new finish and therefore a completely new character.

The Black Line, with its black case, black dial, and red highlights accentuates the instrument-like heritage of single hand watches made in Münster. Despite their differences, however, these models have one thing in common: their coolness.


Rugged exterior


These characteristics make the Metris the ideal choice as the next member of the Black Line.

In its unusual stainless steel case it doesn’t only look elegant, but also particularly rugged and features a screwed crown as well as sturdily protected sides, which means the Metris can be worn in any situation without a worry.

Its scratch resistant, matt sandblasted DLC coating makes the case of the Metris Black Line look far more striking and its lugs have a predatory look, similar to the ears of a wild animal. The jet black dial has a structure that swallows every reflection, additionally accentuating the red highlights in the minute scale and on the tip of the hour hand, making the hour numerals even more striking: During the day because their “Old Radium” hue gives the impression of dignified ageing and at night because the luminous “superluminova” coating lends them a strong afterglow.


Swiss core


And that is highly appropriate, as Metris Black Line owners don’t simply go home at 5 p.m. or because it’s dark.

This watch is much better suited to a visit to your favorite bar or a late swim in the lake.

The Metris’ 38-millimeter stainless steel case is designed to protect its Swiss automatic movement from pressures of up to 20 bar. The Black Line comes with its typical cognac-colored saddle leather strap, emphasizing its unusual character, and its seams highlight the vintage shade of the luminous numerals.


The Metris Black Line is on sale now at £1690.00



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