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MeisterSinger presents the Perigraph Bronze 2018 Edition, limited to 100 pieces

MeisterSinger watches show the time with one single hand – for people who simply want to stay on track. The display principle is similar to that of early tower clocks and therefore reminiscent of historical instruments – with purely functional typography and consistently with double digits to indicate the hours.

Moreover, MeisterSinger always has its own way of doing things: with its open date ring, the Perigraph has long since become an iconic classic of watch design.

A limited edition featuring a solid bronze case now underscores the instrumental character of the watch.

Although bronze is extraordinarily resilient, time does leave its traces on the surface of the metal. It is not possible to forecast how it will age, as the patina develops differently on each piece of equipment made of bronze. The fact that a bronze case is not only capable of reliably protecting a technical instrument over a long period, but also makes its age visible, was another reason for MeisterSinger to bring out a Perigraph in bronze.


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