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The MeisterSinger City Edition 2018 reminds wearers of what is really important to them

MeisterSinger makes mechanical watches that feature a single long hour hand. As it calmly rotates, it tells the time to people who are not distracted by minor details, but know how to set priorities. One of those is the place they choose to live in, or the affinity to a city they love to visit again and again.

After the resounding success of the first City Edition watches last year, MeisterSinger has again collaborated with jewelers from cities all over the world to graphically translate the character of these places of longing – again very discreetly portrayed on the backs of the watches. On the dial, only the finely lettered “City Edition” reveals that this particular time- piece is something quite unusual, as each version appears in its own small, strictly limited series.

The City Edition is based on a MeisterSinger classic, the N°.03 with its 43-millimeter diameter, which has, however, been modified for this purpose, as only the City Edition of this watch has a circular, magnified date window located at six o’clock. The contrasting colors are also a special feature, as the dark blue of the hand and the typography form an elegant contrast to the sand gray dial.

58 versions of the City Edition 2018 came about in this way, for cities from Munich to New York, from Delhi to The Hague. The cities are symbolized by a silhouette of their typical landmarks on the exhibition glass back. Next to the engraved name of the city, some of the watches also have a suitable aphorism.

London, The Old Smoke,  limited to 10 pieces



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