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Junghans presents new max bill models in black and white



There is no greater contrast than that between black and white.

Reduction of an object to these two shades provides an impeccable lucidity.

Contours are accentuated with meticulous emphasis on the fine details.

This combination of black and white is applied to great effect in the aesthetics of fashion, art and photography.

Indeed, to such an extent as to produce something truly special.


With their austere design, the new max bill models focus entirely on the sharpness and aesthetics of a black and white layout.

The black of the case, the hands and the luminescent numerals exhibits a stark contrast to the white of the dial – thus ensuring optimum readability of the time.

Consequently, these timepieces are exceptional in their simplicity, utilising contrasting black and white shades to accentuate the fine,

minimalistic details which were so highly valued by Max Bill as a student at the Bauhaus.


Whether with mechanical or with quartz movement – the new max bill watches from Junghans demonstrate a striking sharpness of contrast.

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