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Very romantic – and always correct:

the Lunascope with the golden moon

MeisterSinger watches indicate the peaceful flow of time; the rotation of the single hand is hardly perceptible with the naked eye, despite its high precision.

The same is true for MeisterSinger’s first astronomical watch, the Lunascope, with its unusually large and unusually exact moon phase display,

where the moon looks almost as realistic as it does in a planetarium.

Above all, however, the movement of the Swiss automatic caliber is so skillfully constructed that it only requires a minor correction after 128 years and not – like many other moon phase watches – already after three years.

The moon phase display of the Lunascope is an exact astronomical measuring instrument and at the same time so inspiring to look at that it has already won

a number of prestigious design prizes such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.


Evenings to remember


The first two Lunascope variants have now been joined by a third,

which depicts a glowing golden moon against a dark blue starry sky and is complemented by a dark blue dial with a shimmering sunburst finish.

The new model also features superimposed hour numerals and a date window with golden trim.

With its highly unusual representation of the moon, this Lunascope is definitely the most poetic, romantic watch in the series.

Especially because it always displays the beautiful truth, as the moon can very well look as golden yellow as this when it appears just above the horizon.

The best way to observe it is out in the countryside, on a sandy beach, or when looking at a broad view of a mountain range –

in those special moments when nobody counts the seconds and which we love to remember all the more.


The Swiss automatic caliber with the high-precision moon phase module purrs in its stainless steel case with a slender 40-millimeter diameter

and is easy to observe through the screwed, glass exhibition back.


The Lunascope with the golden moon comes with a cognac color calfskin watchstrap and is on sale right now at £3290.00.




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