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At Junghans, the fascination for aviation is alive. To embark on the journey into the future, the watchmaker introduces three new models: two variations of the Meister Pilot Chronoscope and the new Meister Pilot Automatic. This marks the beginning of an emotional journey through its own history, from the early days of motorised aviation to the vibrant present. Since the early 20th century, Junghans has been manufacturing mechanical cockpit clocks that served as essential navigation instruments for airships and airplanes, determining flight duration. Another milestone for the watchmaker came in the 1950s when the company developed its first wristwatch for pilots on behalf of the newly established Bundeswehr (German armed forces), introducing its legendary pilot chronograph that remains iconic to this day.


The new Meister Piot models captivate with an authentic, modern appearance inspired by their legendary predecessor. The striking luminous numerals and hands contrast sharply with the dial and watch case, ensuring optimal legibility even under adverse lighting conditions. Highlighted seconds and chronograph hands, along with an indicated artificial horizon running from three to nine o’clock, underscore the instrument-like character of these timepieces.


With twelve concave recesses, the bidirectional turning bezel allows for precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves, and defines the expressive aesthetics of the Meister Pilot. The historical logo on the dial bears witness to the aeronautical heritage of the watchmaker. The up to 10 bar water-resistant DLC-coated case, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on both sides and the riveted and through bar tacks reinforced strap equip the Meister Pilot for unexpected turbulence.


Similar to the pilot chronograph for the Bundeswehr, the Meister Pilot Chronoscope also enables reliable measurement of flight duration with its stopwatch function. In navy blue and featuring a hand-drawn nose art engraving on the case back, 300 exclusive collector’s pieces of the Meister Pilot Chronoscope Navy Blue pay homage to the legendary North American Curtiss P-40 from the history of the US Air Force. For the pure adventurous spirit, the Meister Pilot Chronoscope Desert presents a sand-coloured dial and a brown-black case.


The Meister Pilot Automatic offers pure cockpit charm. The date disc is designed in the style of an onboard display, with red markings accentuating this characteristic. The contrasting colour small seconds hand blends into the clear symmetry of the dial, enhancing readability on the wrist. A stylised airplane engraving on the case back triggers an emotional soaring experience for watch and aviation enthusiasts alike. Please fasten your seatbelts!


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