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The new Junghans max bill MEGA – simplicity can be so precise

In 2018 Junghans presents the max bill MEGA, a world first. A timepiece that embodies precision perfectly – in design and technology. The design of the watch is based on the guiding principles of Max Bill, with simplicity and precision the characteristic elements of a good design.

The new J101 radio-controlled manufacture movement of the max bill MEGA guarantees absolute precision everywhere. The basis for this is four years of development work and the radio control technology know-how acquired over the course of over three decades.

On three continents the time is received via a time signal with a deviation of just 0.006 seconds in one million years. If the watch is outside of the reception range, it continues to run automatically with the accuracy of an especially precise quartz movement – with a maximum time deviation of 8 seconds a year.

The wearer can rely on correct date changing at all times, as the display also shifts automatically from the last day of the month to the 1st day of the following month when the watch is in quartz mode, or when there are 30 or fewer days in the month.
The max bill MEGA from Junghans is not just precise, it is also convenient to operate. Time synchronisation of the movement takes place automatically every day. When travelling to another time zone, the time can be adjusted via the crown, either in hourly steps or by using the stored time zones – without losing the precision of the seconds. In addition, wearers also have the option of setting the watch to their individual time when outside of the reception areas, using the Junghans MEGA App.

The new JUNGHANS max bill MEGA unites precision in design and technology.

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