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The design team at Maurice Lacroix recently looked beyond the snow-clad landscape outside its Swiss Manufacture, imagining pale pink beaches, endless seas and sipping cocktails beneath perpetual blue skies. Inspired by chilled-out days and fun-filled nights partying beneath the stars, the brand has conceived three vibrantly hued AIKON Quartz models, each brimming with life. Like many creative processes, everything started with a mood board; a canvas where the brand’s artistic talents masterfully work with curves, lines, colours and finishes to glorious effect.

In 2016, Maurice Lacroix unveiled the AIKON, an urban-themed watch equipped with a quartz movement. Its styling was heavily inspired by the CALYPSO, a highly popular model produced by the company in the 90s. Since the release of the inaugural AIKON model, the watch has evolved, incorporating improved finishes and encompassing new colours, sizes, materials and complications. While the Swiss marque has embraced the idea of continuous improvement, it has never wavered from delivering high perceived value, an attribute that has won the admiration of many Maurice Lacroix wearers over the years.

Now, the brand from the Franches Montagnes unveils three new AIKON Quartz models: two 35 mm references, both endowed with diamond-set indexes and a larger 40 mm watch fitted with plain rhodium-plated hour markers.

Like many luxury products, the creation of the new AIKON Quartz began with a mood board, a tool often used for inspiration. In this instance, the brand’s design team have chosen to look beyond the snow-clad mountains outside the Manufacture and imagined relaxing times in Florida where pastel blue waters lap against sun-kissed sands and Art Deco buildings, dressed in chrome and neon, grace wide boulevards. Indeed, ‘glitz’, ‘glamour’, ‘sparkle’ and ‘warmth’ were just four words scribbled on a flip chart within the design studio.

The 35 mm stainless steel AIKON Quartz is available in Sunset Pink or Deep Sky Blue, two hues that evoke thoughts of fun-filled moments. The diamond-set indexes sparkle in the moonlight, a time when thoughts turn to romance. Whether day or night, the AIKON Quartz always looks elegant and sophisticated.

The AIKON Quartz is also available in a 40 mm stainless steel case paired with a Deep Sky Blue dial, a shade that looks equally at home beneath bright cerulean skies or nightclub lights.

All three AIKON Quartz watches are presented on a 5-rows stainless steel bracelet. Maurice Lacroix has endowed the case and bracelet with a refined blend of brushed and polished surfaces, conferring a sumptuous appearance. Consistent with other AIKON models, the watch is endowed with the brand’s Easy Strap Exchange system, allowing the wearer to swap the strap for an alternative without the need for tools.

With holidays just around the corner, be inspired by the Swiss marque’s creativity and celebrate colour. Are you in the mood?

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