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Looking around the chosen location for Monica Porracin’s Hot 100 shoot, her vision for where she wants to take her company comes very sharply into focus. We find ourselves at The Shop at Bluebird in London’s Chelsea, a store Porracin loves so much she incorporated it into the name of her own business, The Blue Company.

“The eclectic yet stylish atmosphere in the store is like nowhere else I’ve been,” she enthuses. “They have an amazing selection of designers under one roof, which inspired me so much.”

This is exactly what Porracin set out to do with her own watch distribution business – collect and support a portfolio of interesting brands. At present she is working on UK distribution strategies for German watch brands Junghans and Mühle Glashutte.

“The first step in getting things right, we believe, is in choosing amazing brands that stand for all that we embrace – luxury, reliable precision and prestige,” she explains. “The next step is making sure we partner impressive brands like Junghans, and of course Mühle Glashutte, with reputable stores that are unique in their presentation and bold with their marketing strategies.”

A particular source of pride for Porracin, who up until May has been running her business from home to allow her to balance life with her husband and two young children, has been the recent revival of Junghans in the UK. “It’s been an amazing journey watching the company’s popularity climb as we repositioned them amongst the top brands,” she says. “We’re incredibly proud of the way our focus on the Junghans’ campaign resulted in astonishing success in such a short space of time. With the brand doing so well, the company has grown and with more employees we plan on becoming more structured. We need to make sure the approaches we use in our campaigns get even better results with the brands we work with in the future.”


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