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Letting go and trusting time: With the Edition Primatik 365 featuring a power reserve indicator

A limited edition of 100 pieces in a historical style

A complication to make things simple: The power reserve indicator

This summer, MeisterSinger presented its brand-new Primatik series watch. The edition watch differs quite noticeably from the series version, but also has a case diameter of 41.5 mm, which is entirely new for MeisterSinger.


The design of the white polished dial features black as well as medium blue and red elements, all masterfully distributed and balanced, as ever. The extra-fine hour hand with its arrow tip, the small drop in the front part and the circular end fits perfectly into the picture and shows the time on the fine five-minute scale as usual. And its little brother, which displays the power reserve level like a fuel gauge, completes the ensemble to form a perfect overall impression.


Edition Primatik 365

As a limited edition of 100 pieces, the Primatik 365 follows the MeisterSinger tradition of historically styled editions that reflect the company’s enthusiasm for vintage pocket watches. Unlike the Primatik series watch, it has the look of a time when watches were still worn on a chain. The fine serif typeface, which also features in the logo and the model name, as well as the delicately supplemented indices on the edge of the dial, also contribute to creating this image.


Full speed ahead

Like most MeisterSinger watches, the Swiss movement can be seen performing its high-precision work through the glass exhibition back. It ensures that the arm movements of the wearer alone cause the rotor to wind the spring automatically in small steps by means of gear wheel transmission, enabling the Primatik’s SW270 movement to build up power reserves of up to 38 hours completely unnoticed.

Suggested RRP £2290

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