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Color is part of the history and DNA of DOXA. After all, DOXA was the first watch brand to dare to put an orange dial on a diver’s watch. Not as a provocation, but because it made diving sense: an orange dial is much easier to read under water. Still, a bold move in a world of gray and black dials. That was in 1967.

More than 50 years after its initial launch, rich with a unique history, the legendary SUB is now available for the first time totally in white. It is a new DOXA diver’s watch, in its purest iteration, that is being revealed today. An immaculate white SUB 200, refreshingly sporty: the SUB 200 Whitepearl.


The arrival of this new color is a major event at DOXA, both surprising and inevitable. It is pure white, both refined and timeless, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness. And it is a true classic. More than a trend, everywhere in fashion, white stands for a return to purity and simplicity that never ceases to inspire.

White now joins the 6 dial colors already offered in the SUB 200, SUB 300 and SUB 1500T collections. True to the DOXA tradition of evocative designators, like Sharkhunter or Searambler, it also comes with a name of its own: Whitepearl.




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