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The MeisterSinger collection classics №01, №03 and Perigraph are clear proof that good taste never goes out of fashion. All three model lines have been inherent features of the MeisterSinger collection since its inception, and today it is hard to imagine the world of watchmaking without them.


What they all have in common is the classic, iconic 43 mm stainless steel case, the domed sapphire crystal glass, and the clear, unadorned design language of the dial. Alongside the MeisterSinger signature colours of ivory and sunburst blue, this year all three classics are presented in an even more sophisticated design – the highly polished white dial features golden numerals and blue hour markers.



As you can already guess from the name, at MeisterSinger it all began with the №01 hand-wound watch. As the original MeisterSinger, its design encompasses all the aesthetic principles that characterize the entire collection to this day. Together with its sister, the №03 automatic, it tops the ranking of the best-selling series at MeisterSinger. Manfred Brassler, founder and managing director reveals: “Luckily, I soon realized that the basic design elements of the №01 need to be maintained in every model of the collection – no matter what complication it may have. Ultimately, all our fans and brand enthusiasts want to wear a genuine MeisterSinger wristwatch.”



An infinitely fine inner drive, but outwardly never the same. An all-rounder in a variety of guises, versatile and changeable – that’s the Perigraph with its open date disk. While in previous years it has repeatedly caught the eye in striking combinations with a black case and red, green, or yellow dials, this year it reveals its particularly sophisticated side.


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