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Time jump: MeisterSinger’s Edition Neo T1 upgrades and stands side by side with a restomod VW T1 (Limited edition of 100 Neo T1 watches with VW model van and special packaging for collectors and fans of the 1960s.)

The Neo has already been a successful model in the MeisterSinger collection for 10 years. Its clear, balanced look and a case design typical of the times gives it a 1960s look and feel. The unique Edition Neo T1 comes with a highly detailed T1 model van. Both share not only the same coliur range, but also a fascinating combination of nostalgic aesthetics and contemporary innovation.

Just like the legendary T1 van, which has been reinterpreted and “tuned up” in this version as a low-rider restomod, the Edition Neo T1 is also a tribute to the classic design of days gone by, combining it with contemporary watchmaking technology and modern features. For the first time, MeisterSinger is equipping the popular Neo model with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, replacing the hard acrylic glass that was commonly used at the time. The Edition Neo T1 marks the beginning of a Neo upgrade that will later be integrated in MeisterSinger’s series watches.


N°03 IN 38MM:

A new dimension for simple elegance: MeisterSinger’s iconic №03 in a smaller 38-mm diameter version. The much-loved classic collectors’ piece №03 now looks great on any size of wrist.

The MeisterSinger №03 embodies clarity, simplicity, and understatement in its most beautiful form. Together with its sister, the №01 hand-wound model, it tops the ranking of the best-selling series at MeisterSinger. In addition to the powerful 43-mm version, MeisterSinger now presents the №03 in a flat 38-mm case, which means it can be worn on a narrower wrist.

The smaller №03 with a diameter of 38 mm will be available in the same three color variants as its larger sister: ivory, sunburst blue, and white. To ensure not only a smaller diameter, but an overall flatter design as well, the 38-mm №03 is powered by the Swiss SW300 automatic movement. With its low overall design height of only 3.6 mm, it is 1 mm thinner than the SW200 and at the same time comes with a larger power reserve of 42 hours.



Contemporary watchmaking with historical charm: the Pangaea Day Date 365. The first MeisterSinger series watch designed in a historical style.

MeisterSinger has been inspiring and delighting enthusiasts with its unmistakable single-hand watches for more than 20 years. Many people may have forgotten that the early days of watchmaking began with single-hand technology. The earliest tower, table, and wall clocks as well as the first portable timepieces were all single-hand versions – right up until the 18th century! The Pangaea Day Date 365 shows how perfectly the design features of historical clocks harmonize with MeisterSinger’s philosophy of time, which has already been proven by several editions in this style.


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