The Junghans FORM A 100 Jahre Bauhaus is an homage to the colour wheel created by Johannes Itten

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus in 2019, Junghans has unveiled 1000 units of the limited edition FORM A.

The hours on the dial are marked by 12  special squares representing the shades of the colour wheel by Johannes Itten.

One of the very first tutors at the state-run Bauhaus, the Swiss-born painter, art theoretician and educationalist developed a new colour theory which he then incorporated in his teachings.

It is based on the three primary colours of blue, yellow and red, from which three new secondary colours are produced by mixing: orange, green and violet. When one of these secondary colours is then mixed again with a primary colour, the six tertiary colours emerge.

This provides the 12 colours in all which are featured in the colour wheel by Johannes Itten, lending the FORM A its unique and expressive face.

The FORM A 100 Jahre Bauhaus from Junghans – a timepiece with its own individual character and ultimate recognition factor. Available at  £860.

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