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Edition with hourly chime
Just like the Bell Hora series watch presented in spring 2021, the Edition Bell Hora revives a practically forgotten complication, the “Sonnerie au passage”: Exactly on the hour, the watch produces a friendly chime, alerting the wearer to the passing of time without having to look at the dial.

Moreover, the pusher above the crown ensures that the hour does not ring for the happy owner if it is not desired, as the chime of the Bell Hora can be simply switched off. A black marking shows at a glance whether the watch is going to chime on the hour or remain silent.

In the style of an early pocket watch
Limited to 100 units, this model is designed in the style of an early pocket watch and evokes the image of a watch originating from the era when people kept their timepieces on a chain. The Edition Bell Hora is part of a MeisterSinger tradition of editions created in this historical style, reflecting our enthusiasm for old pocket watches.
With its combination of sophisticated watchmaking and a unique visual experience, the Edition Bell Hora is designed for people who love the extraordinary.

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