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More and more love. This is the promise that Recarlo made when it launched the Anniversary MORE collection in 2023. To renew its promise once more, the Valenza-based brand is expanding its range even further in 2024, with sophisticated new jewellery that mirrors the spirit of the collection.

The novelties include a brand new yellow gold open ring embellished with ten heart-cut diamonds, thereby enhancing the range with an impressive 25 eternity ring designs: they stand out for their simple lines, regular rhythms and diamonds in different cuts, making them the perfect companion for solitaires or simply worn on several fingers to sensational effect.

Joining the MORE family are three open bangles in white and sunset gold. Flexible, sensuous and ultra- feminine, they are unique for their superb selection of natural heart-cut Recarlo diamonds that match seamlessly with the rings, creating a host of elegant, contemporary combinations.

With its sleek, beautifully streamlined design, the new torque necklace can be worn with one simple gesture, thanks to a titanium spring that makes it ultra-flexible. It comes in two variations: one in yellow gold with two heart-cut diamonds, and a second, ultra-luxe design in white gold with 50 heart-cut diamonds that glitter with light like never before. The perfect match for the rings and bracelets, they complete the experience of wearing the Anniversary MORE collection in all its elegance.

Each of these jewels reflects the desire to renew a promise of love, be it to yourself or the one you adore. Their incredible versatility helps create unexpected combinations and plays with other accessories, forging dazzling games of light and taking the collection’s powers of seduction to even greater heights. A jewel with a bold yet gentle personality that imbues the wearer with unique style.

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