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The Yellow line from Recarlo, forged from “sunset gold” to evoke the warm light of sundown and paired with white diamonds, ushers in a new season: the return of the metal of the gods. This particular shade of yellow gold makes the iconic designs from the Anniversary and Anniversary Love Collections dazzle with new style, reflecting the taste of women who keep pace with the latest trends.


The Yellow line is a passionate homage to fine jewellery, with newly-designed eternity rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that reinterpret and transcend bridal jewellery in brand-new style.Recarlo Yellow exudes energy and vitality. After painstaking research, the brand has chosen a unique, incomparable shade of yellow gold to encapsulate all the intensity of a romantic, passionate moment.


The range now includes new lighter, minimal-look hoops, for bold young women who want to shine but prefer a more casual look. New yellow gold and diamond tennis bracelets blend perfectly with the white designs, enabling the wearer to personalise their style.


Necklaces with heart-shaped diamonds, longer styles with round diamonds, and yellow and white gold are ideal for gifting to others or as treasures to keep. Why not put them all together with some clever layering? The results are dazzling, in truly contemporary, personal style. In its new guise, the classic eternity ring – a symbol of anniversaries – becomes a glamorous jewel. Finally, iconic, delicately-shaped solitaires with a heart-shaped setting are enhanced by warm tones of yellow gold matched with natural white diamonds.


The new designs become exquisite accessories, created to be worn together in ultra-contemporary style. Recarlo Yellow is an irresistible line that will win over the heart and eyes of every wearer.


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