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The Meister Kalender from Junghans is the embodiment of style and elegance.

 A Junghans classic, the Meister Kalender showcases Italian elegance in 2019. The harmonious combination of the leather strap in cognac and a dark blue dial is one of the most popular colour combinations in the Meister range. As well as exuding elegance, this exhibits a particular sense of style. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the design of the moon phase display developed in Junghans’s very own printing facilities: A Junghans star can be clearly seen upon closer observation of the celestial bodies.

Junghans Meister Kalender – a fascinating watch which incorporates passion and precision.

The Junghans Meister range: Inspiration from tradition

Meister – a label that stands for an entire Junghans watch range. The balanced design of the dial with its harmonious proportions has been a characteristic of the Meister line since the 1930s, together with the best movements produced at the company. In the 1950s the watch designers addressed the challenge of reducing the volumes of the watch and creating intricate timepieces, despite the relatively high movement. The steeply domed plexiglasses and dials in combination with thin-walled cases lent the watches a new, elegant and graceful look. During this time Junghans was also producing numerous mechanical calibres, such as the chronometer calibre J83, one of the finest movements to be manufactured in Germany. The design of the Meister collection continues to delight with the grace of its historical predecessors to this day. The models are an homage to the design philosophy and technical achievements of that era. Modern tech- nology, enthralling proportions and elegant lines are still features of these Junghans classics today.


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